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Technical details

Technical details

  • Propellant – Czech Aerosol fills with Propane-Butane at 2,7 and 4,2 bar and with DME. Filling with other propellants is possible upon request.
  • Cans – both ALU and Tin plate cans from leading European suppliers are used for manufacturing at Czech Aerosol. All cans with diameter 35-65 mm conform to FEA standards and are either fully printed or labeled.
  • Production lines – At Czech Aerosol, all three aerosol production lines are Swiss Pamasol made with dedicated mixing vessels and pipe-lines. Annual capacity of all three lines is around 50 million units.
  • Mixing Area – Czech Aerosol has six new mixing and storage vessels with volume capacity between 1.000 – 2.500 l. All of them are operated with a central computer system. Additionally, three mobile vessels with volume capacity of 700 l and individual circulations are available.


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Czech Republic

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